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A cryptocurrency that runs on blockchain technology is Ethereum Classic. It is a smart contract digital currency and a fork of the original Ethereum blockchain that is making waves in the cryptocurrency universe. The technology was created as an improvement on the original network, although it doesn't come close to the original Ethereum in terms of price and market capitalization.

The two chains were similar in many ways, when Ethereum Classic forked from the original network. Five years later, the two are different in many ways. While the main goal of the hard fork was to preserve the original Ethereum chain and improve it in some way, the original network has undergone major updates over the years.
Like most cryptocurrencies, Ethereum Classic is an open source platform for public use. The smart contract is the main way the currency works. Working through predetermined terms and conditions that are automatically observed when participants transact in the ecosystem, it supports peer-to-peer transactions. It also provides a complete Turing virtual machine called 'Ethereum Virtual Machine, which executes scripts on instruction sets.
Ethereum Classic software monitors every stage of transactions on the network. The smart contract eliminates human error and significantly minimizes the chances of third-party intervention and fraud. Basically, this is the reason why the network is considered a trusted settlement platform for parties in almost every part of the world.
As a decentralized network, the Ethereum Classic ecosystem does not require permission to participate. Anyone can participate and government restrictions are minimal.


Ethereum Classic was created in 2016 after a major attack on the original project. A dedicated team just took this original network, made some changes, and renamed it Ethereum Classic. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) hack resulted in the theft of 3.6 million ETH.
Until the ETC team decided to fork, the network was in limbo on how to return investor funds and restore trust to the network. After the split, Ethereum Classic followers continued to mine on the old blockchain, while many migrated to the new network that resulted from the hard fork. It is important to note at this point that the investor's capital doubled during the fork. The ETC Dev. Team works on the main client of the Classic Geth system.
While the Ethereum (ETH) network has grown so big and gained so much in value, Ethereum Classic is still developed by a small group of open-source investors who believe that "code is law" and any alteration of the history breaks the law. Ethereum development (ETH) has gone ahead to become the biggest and most actively developed project in blockchain technology. Ethereum Classic (ETC), though a relatively smaller project, is still waxing strong.


If you are going to trust Ethereum Classic when investing in it, you need to know exactly how it differs from the popular ETH. The first thing to keep in mind is that the two networks are similar in many respects. They work on smart contracts and users can create DApps and tokens for their businesses and projects.
The main difference between the two is that Ethereum Classic does not support new Ethereum Network updates. The biggest of these updates is probably the transition to proof of stake, which is great. Unfortunately, ETC does not support it.
Another major difference between the two coins is that Ethereum Classic is still mined, while Ethereum 2.0 is not mined. The implication is that ETC's monetary policy will continue to depend on the constraint and the algorithm. Although Ethereum is much more popular, conservative crypto enthusiasts find Ethereum Classic more attractive.


While Ethereum Classic is not as popular as Ethereum development, it still has outstanding attractive features. The smart contract is one of the most beneficial features.
The fact that Ethereum Classic is capped at 210 million tokens is another standout feature. It is part of a monetary policy that makes it similar to Bitcoin, the world's first and largest cryptocurrency. Again, it will take a long time for ETC to run into a supply shortage like the one you get now with BTC.
Last year, 2020, Ethereum Classic Labs made a big move by allowing participants to gain access to the fast-growing Defi (Decentralized Finance) market. The introduction of 'wrapped ETC' was a big step as it allows ETC owners to 'stake' their tokens and enjoy the benefits.
Staking means that ETC owners agree not to trade their tokens for a specified period. In exchange, they will get the interest payment on "wrapped ETC." It works in a similar way to a certificate of deposit in a bank.


Ethereum Classic has seen a recent surge in popularity. This is mainly due to the increase in the price of the token this year, 2021. It seems that the coin appeared out of nowhere to compete with some of the major cryptocurrencies on the market. Like Ethereum and Dogecoin, it hit a new all-time high in May 2021. Why the sudden surge?
It is difficult to authoritatively point to a single factor that is increasing the value of Ethereum Classic. However, many experts believe that the coin is simply catching up with the markets. There seems to be a consensus that the recent surge is simply a natural "correction" in the value and price of the currency. After all, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other currencies have seen rapid growth over the years, while BTC increased only gradually, with notable setbacks.


If you plan to invest in Ethereum Classic, one of the things that will worry you the most is whether the coin will continue to rise in the future.
While we cannot authoritatively state how the market will perform going forward, we believe Ethereum Classic will see better days. Earlier in the year, the coin encountered resistance around the $ 40 mark and has been trading above that for a while. Clearly, there is bullish sentiment in the market, and it is unlikely to go away anytime soon.
Judging by expert opinions, the surge is a natural 'correction', unlikely to have any negative effect on the currency. Considering the ETC returns in the past, the coin is unlikely to fall below its price point of resistance once it breaks down. Even if a correction occurs, it will provide a level of support for the value of the coin.
While there is no guarantee that the price will continue to rise, we believe that it is unlikely to drop anytime soon.


One of the best ways to understand the value of a coin and how it can work in the near future is to look at its price history. We will do it as briefly as possible here.
Ethereum classic bags debuted in July 24 XX 2016, and was sold for $ 0.9288. The next day, the price fell to a record low of $ 0.6024. In early August, the coin rallied and rose to about $ 2.76, that was the highest point of the year. In fact, demand for the coin later became too low and it was sold for $ 0.75 in December of that year.
2017 was a relatively good year for ETC. It opened the year at $ 1.45 and performed wonderfully year-round. In early September, it hit a new high of $ 22. That month there was a notable setback, and the coin was trading for $ 9.60 towards the end of the month. That setback turned out to be less of a distraction as the coin rallied and hit a new all-time high of $ 47.77 in late December.
Like other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum Classic had a disappointing 2018. In February, the price of the coin had fallen from around $ 40 to a whopping $ 16.50. There was a temporary bounce that caused the coin to trade for $ 40 again, but that was followed by another serious setback. As of early December 2018, ETC languished at $ 3.30 per coin. He managed to close the year with a disappointing $ 5.50.
2019 wasn't that great for Ethereum Classic either. In February, it sold for $ 3.70. In April, it improved to $ 8, moving further to $ 9.7 in early June. It sank again and finally ended the year at $ 4.80.
By February 2020, Ethereum had risen to $ 12.34, its highest price since 2018. The price fell to $ 4.51 in March. The coin traded between $ 4 and $ 6 for the remainder of the year, which is by no means spectacular.


At the time of writing, ETC was trading at $ 56.13 per token, with a 24-hour low and high of $ 54.92 and $ 57.22, respectively. The 24 hour trading volume is $ 1,969,389,297.37. The market capitalization is $ 6,532,223,039.21, making it the 22nd-ranked cryptocurrency.
Obviously, the coin is having a spectacular year. It was trading at $ 16.90 in February, but it went down a bit and traded between $ 9.94 and $ 14 throughout March. By April 17 th , ETC had fired at $ 46.68. It dropped to $ 29.73 on April 25, but skyrocketed to $ 71.93 on May 4. In 24 hours, ETC reached a new all-time high of $ 176 on May 6th .
It is only natural that the price of ETC fell after unprecedented growth last month. It's still doing well at over $ 50, and we're looking forward to the next monumental growth.


By all indications, Ethereum Classic is likely to perform even better in the future. The CoinCodex short-term technical analysis of indicates that the coin will be more optimistic in the near future. They predict that the coin will have a support level of $ 67.38 and a resistance of $ 72.42. The coin may even climb as high as $ 77.47 very soon, according to his prediction.
Many other websites have positive prospects for ETC. Wallet Investors, the respected algorithm-based prediction site, believes that ETC will continue to rise. He predicts that it will trade for around $ 62 in July and rise to $ 70 by the end of 2021. He also predicts that the coin will trade for $ 88 in December and up to $ 147 in December 2025.
Digitalcoinprice, another respectable platform, is much more positive for Ethereum Classic. According to his prediction, ETC will hit $ 98 again this year, 2021. He thinks the coin will average $ 190 in 2025. He also predicts that the coin will be worth up to $ 284 in the next seven years (2028).
Long Forecast is another website to seriously consider when it comes to predicting the price of the coin, but its Ethereum Classic prediction is not that positive. It predicts that Ethereum Classic will end 2021 at $ 86.9 but will drop to $ 51 in November 2022. It also predicts that ETC will close 2023 at $ 65 and decline to an abysmal $ 28.9 in mid-2025.


If you expect Ethereum to make you rich in ten years, then you need to start thinking about where the coin will be in the next ten years. The best way to reach a reasonable conclusion is to consider the currency's price history, its current performance, and predictions.
From what we've covered so far, Ethereum Classic is most likely to reach new heights by 2031. The network is decent, and the coin has finally rallied after five years of Ethereum's hard fork. It has had some setbacks but is finally on the mend and there is a good chance the uptrend will continue.
Judging by the fact that Ethereum Classic has risen from its debut price of $ 0.9288 to roughly $ 55 in just five years, there is a good chance that it will rise even more in the next ten years.
The experts' predictions should also give you an idea of how the market feels about ETC. There are more positive predictions than negative, so we can believe that the coin will be supported by more traders and investors in the future. It can grow even more and enrich investors in ten years.


Do you hope to invest in Ethereum Classic and leave it for ten years? You should consider everything we have discussed here to make an informed decision.
We will help you with some key information:

  • Ethereum Classic has grown from $ 0.9288 to over $ 50 in just five years. (That's an incredible 5,283.29% increase in half a decade.)
  • Ethereum Classic has had several setbacks in terms of price and value, but it has always rallied to set new highs, although in some cases it takes years.
  • Many expert predictions are positive about Ethereum Classic.
  • Ethereum Classic's price history shows that it can be a long-term investment. The price goes up and down, but it always improves over time.
  • Ethereum Classic is an affordable investment compared to Ethereum development and Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum Classic has a loyal and dedicated community that did not abandon it even after the DAO hack.
  • Ethereum Classic was very volatile in the past, but it appears to be less volatile at the moment.
  • There are around 120 million ETC tokens in circulation, which means that around 90 million have yet to be mined. (This will have a positive supply / availability effect on your price and value in the future.)
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